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Help spread our MISSION

 to help others everywhere!

Our Mission: 

LIFT people up who have fallen on hard times & 

HELP them see,

THERE IS, a light at the end of the tunnel.

By spreading



We can change the lives of Millions, 

Givers & Receivers.

What is YangRising?

Yang is all things good and positive in the world. 

So ultimately we are Raising this up, heightening the frequency of the Earth's vibration!

Its that feeling you get when you do something good for someone else, just because, and NOT to get anything in return.

Like holding the door open for someone who is 10 steps behind you.

Helping a Grandma load her groceries into her car.

Letting someone who has only a few items in their cart go ahead of you in the checkout line.

They can be big or small but the feeling is the same.


NOT the I'm in LOVE with you.

The, we are all humans and I see you for who you are and except you for you. 

The LOVING kindness of brotherly and sisterly LOVE.

The LOVE you share with a close friend.

The I am willing to give up something that I have to help someone else who doesn't have.


Showing people you truly are grateful for them and their existence.

Going out of the way to thank someone who has helped you.

Giving a kind word of appreciation to someone.

As small as these may seem they really make an impact on peoples live.

This is just the beginning, the tip of the ICEBURG of something MUCH BIGGER.

It all starts here!

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