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This is your one Stop Shop

for Health & Wellness



Downtown Naperville


Massage Therapy




Health & Wellness

YangRising Massage Health & Wellness #1 Best Massage 

Take your health care to the next level!

Let us help you on your journey to

health & wellness




Austin was wonderful. I had twisted my neck funny in the car and it was hurting when I arrived, however, it was feeling great when I left. Austin had taken the time to ask about what I needed and gave my neck special attention. The place is small but lovely and has the most relaxing atmosphere and aroma. It was a great experience and massage.


Austin was very knowledgable and took quite a bit of time to discuss my physical issues... and then applied the information to personalize my massage, which was wonderful. He gave a great massage in a delightful space scented with essential oils. 


Massage Therapy 

Manual Manipulation to release the muscles and circulate blood flow to reduce pain, loosen contracted muscles


Release of built up stagnation in the blood, increase of blood circulation and oxygenation of the muscles and tissue

Essential Oils 

Healing life blood of plants to support human health and well being


Elongating muscle that are contracted to balance joints and reduce muscle pain in lengthened muscles

Core Training

Strengthen and support the core to help stabilize and balance the muscles

Sharing Is Caring

Having so many years of experience and knowledge means nothing unless you are willing to share it with others

-Austin Arianoutsos

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