Becoming SuperHuman

YOUR YangRising Story

Yin and Yang

You can't have one with out the other

The perfect balance

Keeping the world equal

The concept of YangRising

As you can see from above Yang is everything positive and good in the world.  Heat, Fire, Light, are all things we need to live. All of the amazing phenomenon's of this planet revolve around


New Growth of Plants (Food)

Steam and Evaporation (Form Clouds for Rain)

Thought (Creativity, Ingenuity)

Blood storing Oxygen (Transports Oxygen to the Body)

CO2 Off gassing (Creating your favorite Fermented Beverage)

When something starts to heat up its frequency or vibration starts to rise, the higher the frequency the more energy output. 

Everything around us has a wavelength with a frequency.

Sound and Light are the two most known.

Humans can only see the color spectrum of light but there are many other light forms and some have radiation and induce heat.  

High frequency also has electromagnetic properties.

The ability to attract the same vibrational frequency.

The brain and heart have the highest frequencies of all the organs.

When you fixate on something you are able to manifest that.

Consciousness Creates

Love has one of the highest frequency of the more easily attainable emotions.

The closer you come to enlightenment the higher your vibrational output can be.


The higher it is the more you are able to attract what you desire.

Love is a feeling that starts in the mind and travels to the heart.

Welcome this is your manual to a better, healthier life. 
I am your guide:
Austin Arianoutsos
Licensed Therapeutic Massage and Body Worker
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified in Lypossage
Certified in Myofascial Release
First Degree Reiki Healer
Sports and Athletic Coach 
15+ years of hands on experience in health and wellness
I am dedicated to bringing better health and wellness to as many people as humanly possible. This is my passion and calling in life to help others to achieve a better, healthier and happier life. Everything we do revolves around health and having the ability to perform our everyday tasks. When we are not at our best we don't feel like functioning and performing. Truthfully, I sometime don't even want to get out of bed in the morning when I am not feeling well.
Over the years of being in the health and wellness field I have learned and developed a health lifestyle for myself. I am not perfect some days I slip up and get lazy but over all I like to stay as healthy as possible so I can live a long and healthy life well into my 100s.
I have found there are 5 key principals to achieving a  healthy super human kind of life.
It is based around Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. We have gotten to comfortable in our fast pace, buy everything now mindset. We have forget what is actually necessary for life and what isn't. Going back to the basics of how to treat our bodies well and how to live health, happy and free. 
Ditch Toxins
Stretch/ Exercise
 I went to school for acupuncture to learned about eastern medicine and all that I have been missing about the human body and how it worked on an energetic level. It was so fascinating,  I was then introduced to essential oils and the magical world of plant therapy and food as healing. This brought my life into a whole new category of thinking and enlightenment of where we come from and how the body is the most perfect and amazing creation ever. For a long time I believed that pain, sickness, fatigue, hunger and everything else were just normal parts of living life. I saw many people suffering from chronic illness and debilitating pains.  3 out of 4 of my grandparents have passed away and all from preventable illnesses or diseases. Many of my aunts and uncles have also passed from similar things. It is very hard seeing loved ones suffer from such awful disease and seeing their bodies deteriorate and wither away.
I have vowed to myself that I would do everything in my power to never let that happen to me. 
I know many people who have been diagnosed with disease and told that there is nothing they could do to reverse it and that they would have to take meds the rest of their life. That seems so backward to everything I have been told and learned. The human body can heal itself when given the proper nutrients and when you remove harmful toxic chemicals from it.
This may seem unthinkable but it is true. 
When your body doesn't have to be on defense from all the toxins we put in and on our bodies it can then go on offence to heal parts of the body that are damaged. Everything we put in and on our bodies will end up in our bloodstream. This means it will be going through your body and into your organs, muscles, brain, then filtered into your liver and kidneys. So when you bombard your body with pharmaceuticals, fragrance, processed food, dyes, alcohol, chlorinated products, etc. you are allowing your blood to transport these toxins through out your body.  You are the gatekeeper of your body, the temple of God who has created you. Just because someone says this is ok for you doesn't mean it really is. It is time to take back control of what we are doing to our bodies. We are slowly killing ourselves with toxic chemicals and no one else is going to care. As long as the mega companies are making money they don't care who is sick, hurting and dieing.

Level 1

Water / Nutrients / Fasting

Water H20

Oxygen is the most important substance, that humans need to survive. We can live only a few minutes with out breathing before our body goes into shock and our organs and brain start to stop functioning. Our body is a very intricate and complex organism but also simply if you keep this one key in mind.

Blood holds oxygen so keep your blood full of rich healthy oxygen and keep it flowing and you will live a good life.  

Drinking water through out the day helps keep our body hydrated and well oxygenated. But not all water is equal, the normal ph of water is around 7 but some have been altered and "cleaned" to get rid of pathogens. This "cleaning" leaves our water acidic which is not good for our bodies. Our blood has an average ph of 7.4 just above neutral. So if you are drinking acidic water then that will effect the ph of your blood and the rest of your body. 

Water helps our bodies nervous system pathways work. Salt water is the perfect conductor of electrical current. Staying hydrated and keeping the sodium levels balanced make a perfect pathway for our nerve function. When you become dehydrated many ailments set in and can hinder the nerves. Think of your nerves as a hose that has running water and an electrical current running through them if there is no water there is no current.


There are 13 essential vitamins and minerals and 9 essential amino acids. Essential means our bodies do not produce them and that we need to get them from other sources. Fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes are the best way to get all your daily allotment of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

Drinking a fruit and veggie smoothie everyday in the morning and at night will help boost your ability to get all the essential nutrients your body need for each day. 


When is the last time you have fasted other than between dinner and breakfast. It is biblical to fast, Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights.

Fasting is a way for your body to reset and hit the pause button and take a breath. When you fast your body is able to digest the food you have been stuffing into your belly. Our digestive tracts are over 30 feet long, that is alot of gunk that can get backed up in there. The average person eats 3 meals a day that is eating every 5 hours of awake time. That is not even close to enough time to fully digest your food and get it out even if you are eating pure and clean foods and everything is working properly. You need to allow your body to rest and digest your food and give your body time to process and heal. When you stuff your faces all day everyday your body starts to break down. All of your energy that you gain is going to metabolize the next meal. This is a vicious cycle that your body cant keep up with. This will cause disease in the body, it will start in the gut and continue through out the body. Stagnant food in your gut will start to off gas CO2 and you become bloated, bad bacteria will start to grow and tell your brain to feed on sugar which feeds all disease especially cancer. When you eat garbage food all day everyday; Coke, Doritos, Cheeto's, McDonalds, and the list goes on you are depriving our body of the vital nutrients it needs. You start storing sugar in fat for energy cause the body doesn't know the next time it will get good nutritious food to get real energy from. 

When you allow your body time to fast and digest your food your cells will start the healing process and your body will regenerate itself. 

Level 2

Ditching Toxins

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