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Your YangRising Story


Be Empowered

Have you always wanted to be

Super Human?


Here is your chance to unlock the potential that has been hidden and locked away your whole life.


I will give you the knowledge to do it all. 

These are not things  you have to do,

but what you have been doing that has been inhibiting your natural SuperHuman abilities. 

I will help you  deprogram your normal life and enlighten the SuperHuman inside you. 

I will help you to unlock your true potential of what you already have in your body to be SuperHuman.

Each level will give you keys to unlock and tap into your abilities.

They will be given step by step to ensure that you are able to maintain your abilities. 

Here is a glance at each level!

Level 1 


Level 2 

Ditching Toxins

Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Each one of these levels will help you to strip away the chains of bondage 

that you have been wearing.

This will free your

Body, Mind and Spirit

from everything that has been holding you down from being who you are meant to be!



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