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My name is Austin Arianoutsos, I am the owner of YangRising.

My training in Health & Wellness started in High School when I took a personal wellness class. I fell in love with learning about the body, nutrition, and exercise. 

This helped me in my sports careers of, Track, Cross County, Volleyball and Bowling. I was able to achieve many awards in all the sports I played in High School due to my knowledge of how the body works and functions. I was able to train harder to be bigger, faster and stronger than my competition. 

My love for the body grew and led me to Massage Therapy school at Kaplan College in Hammond, Indiana.  

It was apparent that I had a great knack for healing with my hands, every person I touched was able to feel the love I had for what I did. My instructors were astounded by my abilities from after just a few classes. I was invited on a field trip to Chicago with some of the upper classman to do chair massages at a Corporate Event.


My knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology and all the massage training grew greatly. I graduated in the top of my class with an Associate’s Degree in Science with a concentration of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. A few months later I sat for my National Board Certification test and Passed on the first try.

My first job was at a small locally owned Spa in Beverly, IL called Gigi’s Elite Spa, owner Gloria Gholston (Gigi). This was by far my favorite job; Gigi was like a second mother to me and her son Derrick (Manager) was like a brother.  I learned so much from working there with them and from everyone else. I gained customer service and leadership skills and learned a little bit from all the other technician’s. 

They closed shortly after Gigi's passing of cancer.

Since then, I had many other jobs working in the fitness world at Xsport Fitness, I taught massage therapy at Everest College, worked for a few other spas and coached volleyball for middle school and high school.

My love for learning led me back to school for Acupuncture in 2016 downtown Chicago at Pacific College of Health & Science.  I learned cupping, tui na, gua sha, Orthopedic Neurological Evaluation, and of course all about Traditional Chinese Medicine and Healing. 

My long-time goal and dream of wanting to become a business owner, since the time I graduated college had been lingering and still a very real plan.

I had done mobile services for friends and family for a while and was looking into do that more as a full-time thing and develop it into the business I wanted. But had always wanted to have my own space. I had been looking into commercial real estate and found the perfect place.  

In December 2018 YangRising Health & Wellness was born.

I had finally achieved my dream of becoming a business owner. I had something I could call my own and be my own boss, the dream from 10 years prior had finally come true.

Since then I have become a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor. This has helped my business and my personal life immensely. I use Young Living massage oils on clients everyday, these are the most premium oils I have ever used since I have been practicing massage. They help soothe and relax the muscles, decrease pain, and increase blood circulation, they are the perfect compliment to my massages.

At home I use Young Living as a lifestyle change from the old toxic filled chemicals, to all natural, plant based, essential oil infused products. I have swapped out everything from traditional home cleaning supplies, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, etc. I have noticed a huge difference since using these products, I am not sick as much, my mind is clearer, more energy, better sleep, better digestion, and the list goes on.

I have helped many people to make the switch to a healthier way of living and they are seeing the same results I have.

I have recently completed a Reiki Certification Course. This is a modality that helps to naturally realign the bodies life force energy. The light touch of the hand of a healer will gentle guide the energy back to its normal rhythm and flow. This can also be done with out any contact or even with out the presents of the person receiving called (Distance Reiki).

Now a few years in and still open for business amongst the craziness of a pandemic I press on to achieving even more, and bigger dreams. Hopes of expanding and reaching more people to help along their health and wellness journey.


Becoming SuperHuman YOUR YangRising Story

YangRising, Love & Gratitude

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