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HEAL your body from the inside out!

Best Massage Therapy
Best Massage Therapy
Best Massage Therapy
Best Massage Therapy

Better Health Starts Here!

OXYGEN is the most important substance for your body.
BLOOD carries OXYGEN to every part of your body.
The Number One way to get BLOOD and OXYGEN
through your body is,


Relaxed and Loose muscles allow for free flow of BLOOD and OXYGEN
through out the body.

Did You Know??

You should be getting Massages:

Once per month  to help with general wear and tear on the body.

Twice per month  to help chronic issues, stress, and if
you sit for work.

Four plus times per month  if you work out to help with recovery, pain reduction and injury prevention.

Rule of Thumb:
For the number of times per week you work out, that is the number of times per month you should get massages.

Massage Experience Like No Other!
Be the Super Star of your Health:
-Receive Undivided Attention from Start to Finish.
-Enough Time Blocked Out, So No Worrying about if you will get Your Full Time
-1-0n-1 Health Intake to allow you to express what is going on.
-Receive the Best Care from The Highly Trained Massage Therapist.
-Experience the Highest Quality Massage Oils Infused with
Premium Essential Oils.
-Be Empowered to Take Your Health into Your Hands.
-Learn about what is Going on in Your Body.
-Feel Better than when you came in.
-Easy Checkout with Card, Cash, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal.
-Rebooking so you never miss out on getting the best care you deserve.

Feel Better      Get Results       Be Healthy



My name is Austin Arianoutsos,

Owner and Solo Practitioner at YangRising.

~National Board Certified

~Licensed Massage Practitioner

~Certified Personal Trainer

~Reiki Healer II

~Lypossage Therapist

~Myofascial Release Expert

~Cupping Certified

~Young Living Essential Oils Brand Partner


~15+ Years of education, training, research and hands on experience in Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Exercise and Bodywork.



255+ Reviews for
Austin Arianoutsos

Top Review Massage Therapy

4.9 (31 Reviews)

Top Review Massage Therapy

4.8 (163 Reviews)

Top Review Massage Therapy

5.0 (7 Reviews)

Top Review Massage Therapy

5.0 (54 Reviews)


This massage was fantastic: correct amount of pressure; intelligent follow-up questions about my level of activity & recent stress levels; and additional cupping services. I think the best part was the discussion during the massage itself about how my alignment is negatively impacting my Achilles, calves, hip flexors, and feet. (Next step: work on bringing my back and hip alignment back to neutral....)


I was desperate to get relief from neck, shoulder and arm pain. I tried many other massages and this seemed to be the most effective. Austin took the time to review my needs and concentrated on those areas. I had no idea what to expect but the experience was great for what I needed. The use of oils and cupping really did the trick for me. Grateful that the pain is subsiding. I'll go back again.



Austin was wonderful. I had twisted my neck funny in the car and it was hurting when I arrived, however, it was feeling great when I left. Austin had taken the time to ask about what I needed and gave my neck special attention. The place is small but lovely and has the most relaxing atmosphere and aroma. It was a great experience and massage.


Austin was great! He really stretched and worked on some muscles that usually get overlooked by other massage therapists


This massage was one of the best I have ever received. I walked away feeling rejuvenated and wonderful!


Austin was great! He made me feel very comfortable, and the clinic was cozy and clean. He used Young Living products (which is a super added plus)! I am happy I found a knowledgeable massage therapist, and I will be incorporating YangRising into my healthcare regimen.


Great experience overall. Austin really knows what he's doing. He identified my problem areas and explained his plan to fix them. Highly recommended!


Austin is great! He is located upstairs in business center with his own, private suite. He is very welcoming and takes the time to listen to your problems. His set up has the best massage oils (Young Living) and is very clean. I was very happy and felt great when I left. I would definitely recommend him!


Austin was very professional and kind. He is very knowledgeable about the muscles in our bodies and how it affects our hips, feet and back. I would highly recommend him. He knows his stuff!!!


Austin was very knowledgable and took quite a bit of time to discuss my physical issues... and then applied the information to personalize my massage, which was wonderful. He gave a great massage in a delightful space scented with essential oils. 

Take your health care to the next level!

Let us help you on your journey to
health & wellness

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